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Charles McLane

Charles Lee McLane was born in Cawker City Kansas on April 10, 1933. He attended grade school at; historic Medlan School on Turkey Creek in Morrison County Colorado; Galien Township Kansas; Cawker City Kansas; Garfield School Alhambra California; Columbia School in El Monte, California; And Moffat County School District in Craig Colorado.

He attended Moffat County High School in Craig Colorado and Phoenix Union High School in Phoenix Arizona. He attended Phoenix College in Phoenix Arizona. In college he studied chemistry, physical science and tech writing.

For summer jobs he began to drive in the Kansas wheat fields by hauling grain to the elevator. Late in the harvest one year the elevator stopped unloading grain trucks when the driver had no identification. He drove the truck to the Western Auto Store and gave the clerk fifty cents for a Kansas Drivers License. It was on a tab written out by hand. After that the elevator would allow the truck to be unloaded because the license was his identification (he had just turned 15). Driving farm trucks was legal at age 14.

By then his participation in road races was well underway. He loved cars, stock cars, all kinds of cars; Buick, Nash, Dodge, Kaiser, Plymouth, Durant, Pontiac, Cord, La Salle, Ford, (especially the v8s) Frazer, Hudson, Mercury, Oh he did like that Mercury!! Chevrolet, Oldsmobile 88, (now that was a car) and the Chrysler with the Hemi Engine.

At 16 years of age he began working summer vacation at the Chevrolet Dealership for Mr. Blankenship. The agency had a race car with a rocket 88 engine that was driven by Les Suitor. He was privileged to maintain the race car under the supervision of Mr. Blankenship. In the 1940s Mel Wheeler relayed used cars from Oakley Kansas to Denver Colorado. A fleet of used cars came to Oakley from Kansas City daily and left from Oakley every night. With Mr. Blankenship’s approval he drove nights and weekends for Mr. Wheeler. He drove a different make of car each trip.

Through all this, from age 14 on he enjoyed helping others master the art of driving the automobile. While in high school many enjoyed spending lunch money for gasoline to put in the car and going to the court house to obtain a drivers license. He was a ready demonstrator.

At age 17 he volunteered for the infantry. He obtained a diploma from the infantry school at Fort Benning Georgia. He served in the 157th Regimental Combat Team of the 5th army as a noncommissioned officer.

He was taught in Lt. (the name forgotten now)’s class the correct procedures of training beginning drivers to drive military vehicles. The training included jeeps, staff cars, tanks, and more. In the 1950s he became a pilot, and he now holds a commercial pilots rating. He has owned and maintained many airplanes, ie Cessnas, Pipers and one Weedhopper. He still owns and maintains an airplane.

By the mid 1950s he had the opportunity to work on and operate very large drilling rigs. Many of the rigs drilled miles into the earth. He has never had a job he didn’t like. In the mid 1960s he moved permanently to Phoenix Arizona. He supervised the driver improvement program for Universal Refuse Removal. It is now part of waste management. Over the years he has built many race cars, mostly for the clay oval track at the legendary Manzanita Speedway.

Decades ago, desiring to continue to teach driving at the professional level. He met all of the AZ ADOT/MVD requirements and became a licensed professional driving instructor. In the 1980s he launched ABC Driving School Inc. as a Professional Driving School licensed by ADOT/MVD. It is still in operation today. ABC Driving School has trained over 50,000 drivers sense the start.

Joanne McLane

Claudia R. Claunch

Arizona native, born and raised. Attended Phoenix Union High School and graduated from East High. Attended classes at Glendale Community College. Lived in Ramstein, Germany for 4 years via the USAF. Worked in the accounting field for 40+ years.

Two sons, four grandsons, two great-grandsons. Hobbies include: horses, sailing, scuba diving, water and snow skiing, swimming, Harleys, travel, reading. Semi-retired and started working as an instructor for ABC in June, 2014. Have been driving for 50 years and learned how to drive on a stick-shift with no power steering. Have taught my sons and grandsons and 100's of students over the years.

Larry Graehling worked in a machine shop all his working career, prior to becoming a driving instructor. He has been with ABC Driving school over 15 years. During his tenure with ABC Driving School, he has successfully helped thousands obtain an Arizona Driver License

Larry Graehling

David White

David White recently completed his Masters of Arts in Adult Education and is using this knowledge and over 30 years of safe driving experience to help each student reach his or her goals of being a good and safe driver. Born in Illinois, raised in Indiana, an Arizona resident for over 20 years. A Coast Guard veteran who rides a motorcycle when not teaching with ABC.

Ryan Dotson

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